55 Inch Hand Carved Walking Cane - Wolf Alternate

$ 24.99 + FREE Shipping

Brand: Red Deer
SKU: YE0111

Product Features

  • 55 inch overall length
  • Paracord wrapping and wolf carving
  • Hand carved from solid wood
  • Rubber stopper on bottom
  • Leather carrying strap for secure grip

Product Description:

With rocks and roots sticking out all over the place, you need to keep your wits about you and be one step ahead of the terrain to avoid it knocking you off your feet. A hiking pole will help you make the most of any hiking adventure by reducing the strain and impact on your knees and leg muscles. By elevating your hands above your heart, using a hiking pole will help improve circulation and reduce your heart rate. The hand carved wood construction captures the rustic outdoor style in a simple classic design, with leather carrying strap for a more secured grip. The base of the cane features a rubber stopper creating the perfect traction on any surface to ensure maximum walking stability. The Red Deer hiking cane is the ideal walking and hiking aid for adventurous outdoors persons of all creeds.