Super Thick Tiger USA Xtreme Tomahawk

$ 37.98 $ 26.59 + FREE Shipping

Brand: Tiger-USA

Product Features

  • Includes protective embroidered sheath
  • 15 inch overall length - 8 mm Thickness
  • Pick axe on the end of the head
  • 4 inch long blade
  • Forged from 1065 engineered surgical steel

Product Description

Tiger's new Xtreme tomahawks are in stock and come packed even mose sleeker and tougher than before. Our newest tomahawks are heavier and more aerodynamic. The handles come wrapped with thick, survival paracord as usual with a skull-crushing spike on the end. The head of the tomahawk comes with a 4 inch blade on one end and a 3.5 inch pickaxe on the other.