Red Deer Big Game Field Dressing Kit-Orange

$ 39.98 + FREE Shipping

Brand: Red Deer Knives
SKU: RDX-9500-B

Product Features

  • Kit includes 2 Skinning Knives, A Gutting Knife, A Bone Saw and a Solid Steel Folding Gambrel
  • Gutting knife: 8.5 inch overall - 4 inch blade
  • Skinning knife 1: 8.25 inch overall - 3.5 inch blade
  • Skinning knife 2: 9.5 inch overall - 5 inch blade
  • Saw: 3.5 inch blade
  • Steady non slip gripping handle for easy use
  • 6 piece big game field dressing kit -
  • Includes latex nylon gloves

Product Description

This Red Deer Dressing Kit is exactly what a guy /girl needs to help them with their hunt. Everything you need to skin any animal of your choice.  The kit includes two skinning knives, a gutting knife, a saw, and a solid steel folding gambrel. The beautifully crafted knifes have a steady non slip gripping handle for easy use. The kit comes with three different fixed blades, all made with 440 stainless steel. There are latex gloves to keep the hands clean and safe from any mess you may run into. There is a folding gambrel included in the kit for holding the “game’s” legs apart while skinning. The saw is extremely sharp and can cut through any bone with ease.  They make the perfect gift and also available in both colors of green and orange.