5 Inch Manual Folding Police Tech Knife Green

$ 2.20 + FREE Shipping

Brand: Red Deer Outdoors
SKU: PA-0002S-GN

Product Features

  • Manual folding knife
  • Measuring 5" overall
  • Black grip insert
  • Sharp blade with half serration
  • Text on the blade reads "Police Tech"

Product Description

Police-Tech is synonymous with superb quality at a valuable price. The value shines through with the unbreakable ABS handles. These handles are secured tightly to a 440 stainless steel frame. The blades come out easily with a pressure on the thumb stud. The blades have a black-coated finish and are forged from 440 stainless steel as well. These knives are hand crafted and feature tight pocket clips for a great everyday carry prospect.