Z-Slayer Trigger Action Knife With Skull Surgical Steel Blade And Wood Handle

$ 10.50 + FREE Shipping

Brand: Red Deer Outdoors
SKU: P-110-SK-SL

Product Features

  • 1045 surgical steel blade and frame
  • Blade is Trigger Action and ejects with ease
  • Red Pakka wood on the handle
  • Pocket or belt clip on the bottom of the handle
  • 7.75 inch overall length

Product Description

This knife is not your average pocket knife. Even though you can wield this awesome Undead Gasher as an everyday carry, this knife is so much more. With a surgical steel blade and frame and wood inside of the handle, this knife is built with such quality its hard to find one that will match it. The handle includes a pocket clip and the blade ejects with Trigger Actionlightning speed. Only with Z-Slayer can you find knives like this. The skull pattern on the blade and parts of the handle is beautifully designed. Get your hands on this walking dead killer today and take out all the demons you want.