Eagle Survival Machete With Paracord and Camo Sheath

$ 11.98 + FREE Shipping

Brand: Red Deer Outdoors

Product Features

  • Square, solid blade design for maximum impact - Blade is heavy with more force than an axe or hatchet
  • Survival capabilities with paracord wrapped handle - Paracord provides excellent comfortable grip
  • Full tang - Blade runs throughout entire machete
  • Includes protective sheath, belt attachment and button snap
  • Length: 19"

Product Description

The 19 inch chopper machete from Eagle is like your axe's worst enemy- but YOUR best friend. Watch it make small change out of logs, branches and brush. The 440 stainless steel blade is square and hits hard like a hatchet. The paracord wrapped handle provides an excellent grip for this full tang beast as it thunders towards your target. The protective sheath provides a safe haven for your blade and keeps it free of blemishes. Attach this machete to your belt with the loop to transport your best friend while camping or doing yard work.