The New 20 Inch Takedown® Undead Slayer Bolo Machete

$ 29.98 + FREE Shipping

Brand: Red Deer Outdoors
SKU: HK-20

Product Features

  • 20 Inch Overall Length
  • 14.25 Inch 1045 Surgical Steel Black Blade
  • 5.5mm Thick Blade
  • 1.6 lb Machete
  • Rubber Grip Handle
  • Nylon Belt Loop Sheath

Product Description

The undead are no match for this new top of the line machete. This machete comes with a long handle that compliments a full tang black surgical steel blade surrounded by a composite rubberized wrap around scored grip. This machete garners a 0.5 Inch thick blade that balances it perfectly for live blade utilization. The weight and design alone makes this an ideal machete as a tool or self-defense weapon. The "Takedown®" logo is printed on the blade giving you piece of mind in knowing you have the right tool for the job. Takedown® is a stamp of superior quality when it comes to Machetes.