Red Deer Damascus 10 Inches Micarta Hunting Knife With black Leather Sheath

$ 53.98 + FREE Shipping

Brand: Red Deer Knives
SKU: DK-125

Product Features

  • 10 inch overall length
  • 6 inch blade length
  • Fine Damascus steel - Razor sharp edge
  • 4 inch Handle length
  • Micarta Black Handle

Product Description

This Damascus knife looks stunning in person, besides the fact that it is beautifully hand crafted, this knife features a Micarta handle and brass guard. The handle looks sleek with the red spacers and brass pommel. The blade is made of 100% Damascus steel and features grooves in the guard. The blade has the famous Damascus pattern on it. The pattern has swirls and curves which covers the entire blade. This knife looks different from other knives on the market and the quality is outstanding. This item is perfect for hunting, camping, and outdoor activities. The leather sheath that is featuring with it also makes these knives stand out from any other. Get yours today!