Red Deer Damascus Dagger With Real Leather Sheath Wood & Animal Horn

$ 59.98 + FREE Shipping

Brand: Red Deer Outdoors
SKU: DHK-413

Product Features

  • 4.10 inch blade length - Real SUPER sharp, Damascus steel
  • 8.5 inch overall length - Full tang
  • Real leather sheath with button snap holder
  • Engraved brass button on sheath
  • Handle includes real brass, wood and animal horn

Product Description

The Damascus steel thats razor sharp to the feel and touch, the authentic animal bone on each easy-to-grip-handle, the leather sheath with the button strap- these are just a few things that describe the new Red Deer Damascus Dagger. This exclusive Red Deer item is only available at Panther Wholesale and for our trademark low wholesale prices. Each dagger from this series features real Damascus steel and is super sharp- able to cut through anything from rope to brush- and showcases a beautiful Damascus pattern. The handles are crafted from genuine animal bone and come in a variety of assorted colors (some decorated with gold finish). The sheaths are one hundred percent real leather and come in a light brown or jet black color. The sheaths feature the state of Oklahomas state seal on the button snap strap. The sheath also has a belt loop for a fully transportable knife. These daggers can be used for work, outdoors, hunting, or just for display. Some of the best quality youve ever seen are here in these knives, only from Red Deer.