About Us

Red Deer Outdoors is the latest place to find new gear to take on the great outdoors. We want to provide you with the best service possible, with great products that can weather the elements.

Our Mission

We are committed to creating new and innovative designs, that help you conquer the outdoors. Whether you aspire to hike the American Discovery Trail, hunt Red Deer, or become a Bass Master, we're here to help. Your goals are our goals.



Our fulfillment center is top notch. We ship all orders within 1 business day. After shipping, every order should arrive within 2-6 business days. The best part? Every order includes free shipping. No minimum, no coupon code, no hassle.



Red Deer Outdoors features a wide variety of outdoor gear from hunting knives, to walking sticks. We pick, and design items best suited to stand the test of time in a harsh environment.