Proper Knife To Take the Outdoors in Stride

When your in the wilderness it's necessary to have outdoor hunting knife for all situations. This brand started with a simple idea of having a quality hunting knife to add to the ever improving Red Deer inventory. Over time we've continued to develop our inventory with innovative hunting knife designs that help you conquer the great outdoors. Whether you aspire to whittle tools, hike the wooded trails, hunt big game, or become a master at gutting fish. Red Deer is the hunting knife for you. We pick raw, natural and durable materials and design knives best suited to stand the test of time in a harsh wilderness environment.


From pocket knives to big game hunting knives, look no further we've got you covered. Our unique selection of hunting knives are crafted with long lasting materials featuring full tang blades, leather sheaths and custom handle designs. As an outdoor enthusiast you should invest in quality equipment and buy Red Deer® knives here. 

Quality Proven- Here at Red Dee Outdoors® for nearly ten plus years we've continued to improve the quality of our hunting knives and the handles that encompass the blade. Many improvements include extending our blades the full width of the knife and enhancing the sheath materials and transport capabilities.

Unique Designs- We understand that our Red Deer® knives and hunting knife brands not only work efficiently but it must also look visually attractive as well. Our recent hunting knife designs have included custom animal bone handles, pear engravings, camo graphics,custom emblems and many more.  

Reliability- Here at Red Deer® we've previously mentioned transport and sheath quality is continuing to improve for our hunting knives. We believe the focus should always be in the blade quality and across the board Red Deer® hunting knives have been focused on keeping surgical steel quality blades for all hunting knives and continued improvement on reducing blade dulling, rust, and chipping.

Here at Red Deer Outdoors® we are constantly researching and reviewing quality ways to improve our hunting knives. We not only sell the knives but we are outdoor enthusiast as well and always taking into consideration how our knives are being used and who they're being sold to. This allows us to understand and improve all hunting knife experiences with our products and for any enthusiast in the outdoors we're always open to suggestions and comments. 


October 12, 2017