Hunting Knife 101- Survival Tips



Surviving and efficiency is necessary in the great outdoors and the primary tool in the all outdoor situations is the hunting knife. Many survivalist assimilate that a proper knife can save your life. At Red Deer Outdoors we've developed a brand of hunting knives built specifically to aid in survival situations and efficiency. At Red Deer Outdoors we've developed an assortment of blades for a variety of different survival situations. Our Red Deer brand includes gut hook knives, machetes, full tang knives, neck knives, skinning knives and military knives.

A quality hunting knife can be used in a variety of different ways besides just cutting. The key components for a quality hunting knife is versatility and quality. We set expectations for our hunting knives because we are primarily staffed with individuals who partake in outdoor activities such as hunting, camping or fishing.

 DIGGING - A hunting knife can serve as a improvisational shovel for immediate tasks such as foraging for food, digging an impromptu outdoor latrine or carving out distress signals/etchings.

 WEAPON - In a hunting situation requiring you to procure your own food, a hunting knife can be used to hunt small game. With skilled ingenuity the hunting knife can be uses as the only on hand emergency weapon.

 FIRST AID- Doctors aren't always on hand in the great outdoors. So in medic situations a hunting knife can be used to cut bandages, heated to cauterize wounds and remove potentially infectious non sterilized items embedded in the skin or even drain blisters. Outdoor medical emergencies are a major inconvenience but a quality hunting knife can save lives.

 FIRE FODDER- Having large full tang hunting knife can be perfect for wood-splitting or cutting device for kindling. Using a hunting knife to gather and cut fodder for a fire is always a necessity when looking to prepare food, stay warm, ward off pest/predators, signal for help and smith tools.

 HAMMERThe butt end of a hunting knife handle is an ideal at hand hammering tool which can be used for producing small game traps, anchoring ropes and pounding in nails.

 FOOD PREPARATION- A knife in the wilderness is completely different from a knife in the wilderness. The proper hunting knife will allow you to skin and gut large and small game. Hunting knives can be used as a stirring tool for any liquids and as a eating uten sil. Foraging from trees or soil for vegetation is another food necessity so a hunting knife can cut branches and pull roots properly from the ground.

 STAKE BASE- In the absence of tools specified for anchoring objects, a hunting knife can be driven into the ground to serve as a stake for anchoring a variety of different ropes to a standing structure. Food must be stored out of reach from predators so a hunting knife can be used as a safety hook for food parcels or containers.

• MAKING TOOLS- The hunting knife has the versatile ability to manufacture other tools and more specialized survival /hunting gear. It can be used to make fire, spears, drills, navigation materials and components for proximity alarm signals.

 BUILDING SHELTERA hunting knife is essential to building a durable survival shelter. It comes in handy to trim limbs, whittling grooves, hammer in fittings and score materials.

We've got all different types of knives perfectly suited for the outdoors:

October 13, 2017